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Phil Luna (Composer)

Phil grew up in the LA area where he began formal piano lessons at 11 years of age. He studied piano for 5 years and developed a love for Gospel and contemporary Christian music.  Throughout his Gospel and Christian music pursuits, he always had a desire to play Pop/Rock music. The opportunity to work on his Pop/Rock skills along with his introduction to digital keyboards came when Phil joined the classic rock band, Manhunter. It was not long after, that Phil showed an interest in the field of songwriting, composing, engineering and digital recording.  He studied with longtime friend and composer Stewart Levin (Thirtysomething, The Wonder Years, The Practice, and Picket Fences) who shared his knowledge in the field of television and film scoring with Phil.  Almost immediately, Phil began writing his own compositions and recording local musicians from California’s Inland Empire. Today, Phil composes, arranges and produces tracks, demos and full arrangements in his versatile project recording studio in Pasadena, California under the name, Lunatunes (

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